• Waterfront Development Solutions

    For Reclamation Works

  • Steel Foundation Solutions

    Steel Pipe, Sheet Piles, Tie Rods for Port Upgrading

  • Cofferdam Solutions for Waterfront Structures

    Pipes and Sheet Piles For Excavation Works

  • Underground Solutions

    Drain Diversion, Road Works, River and Flood Control Projects

  • Tunneling Solutions

    Deep Tunnelling, Interlocking Pipe Roof andĀ  Asset Protection

  • MHZ Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Pile Solution

    Long Length Sheet Piles for Foundation Projects

  • Long Length Steel Pipes

    Ports, Piers, Jetty, Ports, Wharf and Waterfront Structures

We offer a complete range of foundation solutions for the construction sector. Specializing in waterfront and marine related solutions.

Pipes and BendsĀ for the Petrochemical industry. FRP / GRP Pipes for Power Plants. Special Metals for Refinery, Manufacturing and Power Plants.

Providing complete Crane Rail solution inclusive of Rails, Clips, Pads and accessories.

Solutions for Tomorrow

MLION CORPORATION is your trusted one-stop Steel Solution partner for the Construction and Oil & Gas market. Our dedicated staff works closely with Consultants, EPCs, Contractors and Owners during the early stages of projects to advise and provide cost effective and market leading supply solutions, tailor-made to suit each individual project and its unique requirements.

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