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19 Jun

Thomson East Coast Line T218, T219, T220, T225 Steel Pipe Roof

Mer Lion Metals have successfully secured and delivering 4 Thomson East Coast Line projects involving pipe roofing solutions. Pipe roofs are a technically challenging requirement for steel pipes as it involves cutting and welding of plates onto the pipe to form interlocking elements.

Find out more about the challenge of welding these pipes at the link here.

The welding of plates causes large amount of deformation and with the experience that we have achieved through multiple projects, we are able to control and deliver the pipes to customer’s specification.

Below are some of the pictures of our pipes being delivered to Singapore for LTA projects.

Should you have requirements of such steel pipes for pipe roof, do contact our team at to learn more.

pipes in ship 7

Pipes in ship 6

Pipes in ship 5

pipes in ship 4

Pipes in ship 3

Pipes in Ship 2

Pipes in Ship 1

Pipes in Jurong Port

T218 - P1-3 Installation

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