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02 Dec

Steel Stocks in Philippines

Mer Lion Metals is currently keeping stocks of Sheet Piles and Steel Sections (Wide Flanged Beams, Channels, Plates, Hollow Sections and Plates) in 3 locations around the Philippines. We have stocks in Manila, Davao and General Santos. We are also looking to expand our reach all over the Philippines and we look forward to being able to assist your immediate requirements.

For Sheet Piling, our stock holding typically have a mix of both Hot Rolled Sheet Piles and also Cold Formed Sheet Piles (MMU and MMZ Series). Do click here to learn more about our MMU and MMZ Series which have been implemented in numerous ports and private projects all over the Philippines as well as government DPWH, LLDA, and DOTC projects.

We will gradually expanding our reach to cater to greater number of cities all over the Philippines and look forward to being able to serve the market in a holistic manner.

Do give us a call or contact us at should you require any urgent requirements for sheet piling in Philippines market.

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