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21 Feb

SEA Port Expansion Summit 2013

O-Pile Solution – Benefits in Port Construction

Mer Lion Metals was proud to be part of the South East Asian Port Expansion Summit 2013 held in Ho Chi Minh City on the 21st and 22nd February 2013. This summit highlighted new port related developments in the Indo-china region as well as South East Asia. Apart from gaining valuable project updates, we made use of the opportunity to further strengthen ties with local officials and port owners.

Mr. Eric Leong, General Manager – Business Development, presented the O-Pile solution to a wide range of port owners, consultants and local officials who were keen to understand how deep ports can be built efficiently with steel pipe piles. His talk also highlighted the big difference between traditional connectors such as P-P, P-T and L-T which pales in comparison to the O-Pile solution. Furthermore, much emphasis was done to show the efficiency in using pipe-pipe wall as compared to other combination wall solution. He summed up his presentation with the promotion of using targeted sacrificial thickness to better enhance a steel solution as compared to concrete. His lively speech spurred much interest in O-Pile and what Mer Lion Metals could better assist in future projects.

We thank all the participants for their interest in the O-Pile solution and a successful SEA Port Expansion Summit. Should you have any further queries, feel free to Contact Us for more details.

Presenting at SEA Port Expansion Summit 2013

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