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25 Jun

Pumping Station Pasig City

In August 2017, our Excavator Kobelco SK480 LC II was mobilised for a challenging Pasig City Pumping Station project. The project involved piling a cofferdam of 21m depth to launch a Tunnel Boring Machine across the river of Marikina River.

Type 3 Sheet piles of 21m length spliced from 12m piles were used to achieve the required depth. Our long arm excavator with Vibro hammer was able to pile 12-14m with ease and was able to drive the piles in with CP1 Corner piles to ensure a water tight cofferdam.

What made the project extremely challenging was mobilising the excavator by barge from Baeseco in Manila port area to the Marikina Site. Careful navigation was required to get the excavator to site.

Project was completed over 1 month and currently excavation is completed and  tunnel boring process is ongoing.

Our excavator is currently operating in the Manila and Luzon area. Should you have any further enquiries for rental or usage of the excavator vibro, email to find out more.

Piling Type 3 Sheet Piles.

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