Steel Sheet Piles

Steel Sheet Piles are interlocking steel elements which acts as a retaining wall in both temporary and permanent structures. They could be rolled in both Hot Rolled (JIS or MHZ® or Hat Type) and Cold Formed (MMU® and MMZ®) manner and may be in shapes of Z, U or Hat Type in different sizes and weights.

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Permanent Application of Steel Sheet Piles

Sheet Pile when used as a retaining wall element provides an fast and economical way of constructing a retaining wall especially for water-fronting projects. Its interlocking elements provides watertight lock in retaining earth behind it and hence a suitable solution when building ports, wharf, deepening of rivers, bridges and basement excavations. To prevent corrosion, we provide Epoxy coating which can protect sheet piles even in harsh conditions such as salt water.

Manila North Harbour Port Inc. in Philippine


COSL Yard in Singapore

Temporary Application of Steel Sheet Piles

Construction projects where a supported excavation is required, steel sheet piling is normally the best option. The excellent strength to weight ratio, ease of driving and re-use opportunity makes sheet piling far superior than other options.

Road Widening in Singapore




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