O-Pile Combination Wall

O-Pile Combination Wall

A breakthrough innovation whereby all problems related to Pipe-Pipe Combination wall has been addressed.


For decades, designers have been trying to figure out which is the best method to have interlocking pipes securely piled without having problems such as leaking issues and de-clutching of interlocks when using L-T, P-P and P-T interlocks.

Now with O-Pile’s certified, mill tested connectors there is a more efficient way to connect pipe-pipe systems. O-Pile’s WOM/WOF series are available in standard and customized sizes to easily replace traditional interlocks that many consultants are familiar with. They are manufactured by Hot Extrusion process giving it a much stronger characteristic as compared to other Hot Rolled or Cold Formed produced interlocks.


Having connectors dialled in to meet specific width up to 300mm, and thickness ranging from 6mm to 25mm, there is unrivalled flexibility in the options and choices available. Furthermore, O-Pile DTH System which utilizes the WOM-S/WOF-S connectors, are the only systems available that can driven effectively through solid rock.


Having pipes as the main elements in the combination wall, that gives us great flexibility to adjust the thickness and the size of the pipes, therefore producing an extremely large range of combinations to suit the necessary project requirements. We therefore have more options available designing with the O-Pile system as compared to other traditional systems such as HZM Wall from Arcelormittal or Pipe-Sheet-Pile Combination Walls from various manufacturers.



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