Cold Formed Steel Sheet Piles

Cold Formed Steel Sheet Piles

The innovative MMZ and MMU Series of steel sheet piles have been manufactured to be wider, stronger and lighter than traditional U Shape JIS Type Sheet Piles. The piles are uniquely designed to replace popular profiles like AZ, PZC, AU, LX and PU piles often used in Europe and America. With up to 16mm thickness, the piles provide great corrosion resistance and ease in driving.
Improvement in interlock manufacturing process has brought forth innovations to the cold formed combination wall system.
MLION CORPORATION provides full customization on steel grade, length and customized profiles other than those shown to meet site challenges.

Apart from just Z and U Shape piles, we do carry MMHZ Beams to Sheet Pile Combination Wall, MMOZ Pipe to Sheet Pile Combination Wall and MMBZ and MMBU Box Pile Combination Wall Series.


Available Steel Grade

  • EN 10025: S235 / S275 / S355 / S390 / S420 / S460
  • JIS 5528: SY295 / SY390
  • ASTM A572: Gr. 43 / Gr. 50 / Gr. 60
  • Low Corrosion Steel: ASTM A690 Mariner Steel Grade (345 / 390 / 430)

MMZ Cold Formed Sheet Piles

Advantages of MMZ Sheet Piles

  • Interlocks located away from the neutral axis
  • Large width resulting in good installation performance
  • Customization to lengths of up to 35mm
  • Wide range of variable widths and lengths
  • Highly efficient section modulus to mass ratio
  • Up to 16mm thickness and section modulus of 5000 cm3/m



MMU Cold Formed Sheet Piles

Advantages of MMU Sheet Piles

  • Wide range of up to 4600 cm3/m
  • Ease of piling and handling
  • Good for re-use and temporary works
  • Popular Profiles such as MMU 6-1 / 8-3 / 13-2 are often rolled on a monthly basis.

MLL Cold Formed Sheet Piles

Similar to the Hat Type Sheet Piles, we provide similar performance using superior Cold Formed technology.




MMHZ and MMOZ Cold Formed Combi Walls

Advances in rolling technology has enabled this breakthrough combination wall MMHZ and MMOZ series. Beams or pipes are made of high tensile elements giving excellent section modulus to weight ratio. The designs have been conceptualised to meet and replace commonly found Hot Rolled alternatives such as HZM from Arcelormittal and PSp from Peiner.


MMBZ and MMBU Box Piles

Sheet Piles when boxed together form much stronger load bearing interlocking elements which could be used for high strength applications. Integrated in a sheet pile wall they provide supplementary bending resistance and may take high vertical loads.


Cold Formed Sheet Pile data sheets can be downloaded here.


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