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25 Aug

JIS Standard Piles


We currently hold a captive stock of used JIS Standard Type III / IIIA / IV / VL sheet piles.

Pile lengths vary from 6m to 12m long.

For brand new piles, we carry the full range of JIS Standard Piles in both JIS 5528 and 5523 Standards in any lengths required.

Profiles: Type II / IIW / III / IIIA / IIIW / IV / IVW / VL / VA / VIL

Steel Grade: SY295 / SYW 295 / SY390 / SYW 390

Produced from: JFE, Nippon Steel, Hyundai, Siam Yamato and Chinese Origins.

Kindly enquire at or +65 6866 3256 for more details.

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