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30 Apr

Implementation of MMZ50 Sheet Piles

We delivered MMZ 50-1 Sheet Piles to be used in 25m length per single pile for river protection and revertment works.

MMZ50 during production
MMZ50 during production
Araya-Candaba, Pampanga, Philippines
Araya-Candaba, Pampanga, Philippines

The MMZ50 is an excellent replacement of our competitor’s sheet pile as it provides an equivalent section modulus, while providing faster lead times, cost savings and customization not available on Hot Rolled Sheet Piles.  MMZ50 is the only sheet pile in Z Shape on the market which can rival our competitor’s piles in terms of weight and strength requirements. Our advance technology in our rolling mills allow for 16mm thick plates to be rolled, with uncompromising quality standards.

MMZ 50-1 Undergoing Driving
Frame for guiding sheet pile driving.
Completed sheet pile wall with slope revertment

As our production is located in Asia, we can provide fast response time to customer requirements, efficient importation and delivery to site locations. Being actively present in the Philippines market, we provide customers with delivery to site as well as well as tailored logistics where required.

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