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03 Jul

Hat Type Sheet Pile Driving Test

Giken Silent Pilers AT150 and F301 driving Type 4 and NSP 25H respectively.

F301 driving NSP 25H Sheet Pile.

Mer Lion Metals was privileged to be part of Hat Type Sheet Pile trial piling done in Singapore. This was a test to show the speed and efficiency of the Hat Type Sheet Piles. With the right machine, F301 from Giken, a single 25H sheet pile took effectively 8 minutes to be driven through SPT N Value 20 soil conditions for a full 12m. The 900mm width though having more skin friction due to wider surface area, did not have any issues penetrating the soil strata. The increased width provides higher efficiency in weight, piling speed and cost reduction versus traditional sheet piles like Type 3 and 4 being only 400mm in width.

Mer Lion Metals stock and sell Hat Type Sheet piles in Asian region. We currently hold stocks of 10H and 25H.

Hat Type Replacements to Standard Piles
10H replaces Type 2
25H replaces Type 3
45H replaces Type 4
50H replaces Type 4w

We can offer steel grades in SYW 295, S355GP or SYW390.

Contact us at or download our latest 2017 catalog on our website to learn more.

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