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19 Feb

Featured Projects: Manila North Harbour

With ports in Manila nearing 90% utilization, the port of Manila North Harbour required an upgrading to allow larger international cargo vessels and RO-ROs to dock. It was thus necessary for the port equipments such as ship-to-shore cranes and RTGs to be upgraded in the port. One of the key portions in the rehabilitation project was installing a brand new stretch of 1.3km rails for new Ship-to-Shore cranes to operate on.

Skyline of Manila North Harbour

Working closely with appointed consultants and engineering departments of Manila North Harbour, Mer Lion Metals Pte. Ltd. provided all the necessary steel solutions and assistance for the project. Design aspects were ironed out between all parties and valuable technical inputs were also given to provide the best possible lifespan on the rails and also minimise operating maintenance.

As the cranes were already ordered and would be delivered shortly, a tight timeline was put forth for our team to provide all the required rails and fastening accessories. Apart from providing the optimal solution, we went one step further to provide supervision and training to Manila North Harbour and the Sub-contractor so that the rails would be installed to the highest possible standard. Installation of the rails were done by Aluminothermic Welding. This method, though not commonly used in Philippines, would present the best possible method for having rails welded to allow minimal degradation when cranes operate with heavy loads over the welds. This challenging installation was done in collaboration with supervisors who were flown in from Belgium. Our staff were on site during the start of Aluminothermic Welding to assist and coordinate.

Mer Lion Metals completed all the necessary delivery of the materials within the tight timeline and is continuously providing follow-up and checks with the owner and the sub-contractor.

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