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28 Sep

Davao Coastal Road O-Pile Project

Mlion Corporation worked with the Department of Public Works (DPWH) Philippines to provide an O-Pile solution for coastal road protection in Davao, Mindanao Philippines. The coastal road was meant to provide protection and expansion of roads in certain regions along the shoreline of Davao.

O-Piles provides a much stronger wall system as compared to Steel Sheet Piles, with its capability of providing section modulus effectively from 10,000 to beyond 20,000 cm3/m. The interlocks which is the hallmark of the O-Pile solution is able to provide 3x stronger interlock strength during driving installation and prevents declutching as compared to regular P-T, L-T and P-P interlocks.

Apart from the strength, it also provides flexibility of 20 degrees in the shape of the interlocks being a ball and socket, making it excellent for contractors to drive. O-Pile solution has been used effectively in the Philippines for numerous projects ranging for Ports, Power Plants, Reclamation and Flood Control purposes.

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