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22 Dec

10 Fun Facts about Steel Pipes

1. Did you know that there are 3 major ways to roll pipes? Seamless, Spiral, Longitudinal welded?

2. Did you know that Spiral pipes are great for long length pipes as the raw material are from coils? We can roll them up to lengths in excess of 100m long!

3. Did you know that Spiral pipes can only roll pipes up to 25mm thick? Any thicker, we have to use Longitudinal welding.

4. Did you know that there are 4 types of LSAW welded pipes? JCOE, UOE and ERW and TRB.

5. Did you know that Seamless Pipes have no welds on the pipes are are rolled out in the hot form?

6. Did you know that Steel pipes can vary in size from as small as 1 inch till as large as 3m OD or even bigger depending on its application?

7. Did you know that Our factories have a waterfront, allowing for extremely long length pipes to be loaded out easily?

8. Did you know that Long length pipes are used for construction of waterfront infrastructure such as jetties, ports, harbour and terminals?

9. Did you know that Pipes being round, has the ability to be spliced together? A thicker pipe could be welded onto a thinner pipe to save on designed corrosion.

10. Did you know that Using a higher steel grade an increase the corrosion resistance of a pipe?

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