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23 Nov

10 Fun Facts about Sheet Piles

1. Did you know that Steel Sheet Piles was first developed in 1906?

2. Did you know that sheet piles can be rolled in both Hot Rolled and Cold Formed Manner? The difference is in the interlocks and the way its rolled.

3. Did you know that apart from U shape sheet piles there is Z Type and also Hat Type in Asia? Its called Hat Type because it resembles a Samurai Hat of the ancient Japanese warrior.

4. Did you know that Steel Sheet Piles is 10x stronger than Plastic Sheet Piles?

5. Did you know that Hot Rolled Sheet Piles have steel not uniformly spread across the piles? Certain parts of the piles are strengthened to provide stiffness and also increased strength at critical areas like interlocks. This is not possible with Cold Formed Sheet piles.

6. Did you know that Z piles can provide higher section modulus to weight ratio as compared to U Shape piles?

7. Did you know that Steel Sheet Piles have been used in facades of buildings as well?

8. Did you know that Sheet Piles are great for temporary usage such as road and drain diversions?

9. Did you know that you can increase the strength of sheet piles simply by increasing the steel grade?

10. Did you know that Steel Pipes can work as Sheet Piles? We call them Steel Pipe Sheet Piles (SPSP) or O-Piles.

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