Longitudinal Welded Steel Pipes

Longitudinally Welded Steel Pipe (LSAW) As spiral pipes are made from coils, there is a limitation to the thickness it can be produced. Longitudinally welded pipes such as LSAW (JCOE) are able to achieve up to 50mm thickness. However as these pipes are rolled from plates, the longest length possible is 18m.

  • Thickness: 6mm – 50mm
  • Outside Diameter: 406mm – 1422mm
  • Lengths from 3 – 18m

High Frequency Welded Pipe (HFW) Due to its ability to be welded to small dimensions, HFW pipes are particularly suitable for roof trusses, stadiums, bridges and other structural applications. Specifications:
  • Thickness: 3mm – 25.4mm
  • Outside Diameter: 114mm – 711.2mm
  • Lengths: 3m – 18m


We provide a full spectrum of Dredging Pipes which fulfills the requirements of the modern dredging environment.


Steel Dredging Pipe form an integral part of the discharge process and could be used in combination of rubber floating discharge hoses to bring materials to shore. Our steel pipes can be used with floats and once worn out may be easily changed at the sections required.


  • Pipe Size Thickness
  • Pipe Length
  • Flange Details and Thickness
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